Civil Engineering is one of the branches from the inception stage of the institution. Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering which involves planning Design, construction maintenance and management of structures or public works. Alternate Building materials, Green buildings, structural health monitoring, safety and fire practices are the recent developments and the most sought after topics in branch

Civil Engineering Department aims at developing analytical and experimental skills in students and to apply in various fields of Civil Engineering.

The department also provides an opportunity for students in improving communication and presentation skills, knowledge of software like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, ETABS and Rivet Architecture. For students the department consistently organizes Industrial Training and visit to live projects to gain practical knowledge and understanding of field constraints.

The Civil Department has well qualified teaching faculties with industrial experience who are enthusiastic in imparting the quality teaching to the students. The emphasis is laid on proper understanding of the fundamentals of the subjects through animation, video clips and case studies. It has well equipped laboratories, computational facilities; modern class rooms and provides a good environment for learning. Many senior faculty members are also engaged in research and consultancy projects which benefit the students for active learning. The department also has its own library housing a good number of quality reference books for the benefit of staff and students. The department has been conducting seminar/conferences since its beginning to keep the faculty and students side by side with the latest developments in the field of technical education.

Programme Outcomes

    Apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to solve problems related to Civil Engineering.

    Specify or design and experiment to meet a need, conduct the experiment, and analyze and explain the resulting data in the interdisciplinary areas of Civil Engineering.

    Design the fundamental components of a system or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, constructability, and sustainability.

    Identify, formulate, and solve complex civil engineering problems by selecting and applying appropriate tools and techniques.

    Synthesize and explain the relevance and application of traditional, new, advanced technical knowledge in both technical and non-technical terms.

    Understand the importance of professional and ethical responsibilities of engineers.

    Effectively communicate using written, oral, and graphical means.

    Understand the impact of civil engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context .

    Knowledge of contemporary issues in the civil engineering industry use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary in civil engineering practice.

    Evaluate the effectiveness of a designed experiment and the implications of the resulting data .

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Shahas S


Prasoon P P


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Parvathy S Kurup


Major Equipments & Tools

    Compression Testing machine.

    Dumpy level.

    Cross staff.

    Ranging rod.



    Straight edge .

    Plumb bob.

Experiments Conducted

    Setting out of a single room using 3-4-5 rule.

    Setting out of a single room using cross staff and ranging rod.

    English bond brick masonry arrangements- one and a half & two brick wall.

    Compression test of various building materials - brick , hollow brick, conrete block.

    Calculation of various building material for constructing a room of specified size.

    Calculation of plinth area of a building.

    To find the level difference between two points using dumpy level.

    Introduction to plumbing sanitary fittings.

Major Equipments

    Compression and Bending Testing Machine, 2000kN capacity.

    Universal Testing Machine, 1000kN capacity.

    Fatigue Testing machine.

    Spring Testing Machine.

    Wood Testing Machine.

    Brinnel Hardness Testing Machine.

    Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine.

    Impact Testing Machine.

    Torsion Testing Machine.

Experiments Conducted

    Tension test on steel rods.

    Shear test on steel rods.

    Torsion test on mild steel rods.

    Bending test on steel and timber beams.

    Stiffness test on springs.

    Compression test on concrete cubes and cylinders.

    Bending test on RCC beams.

    Hardness tests on metals.

    Impact Test on Steel rods.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Tension test on steel rods.

    Compression test on concrete cubes and cylinders.

    Compression test on hollow clay and cement building blocks.

    Compression test on concrete paving blocks.

    Stiffness test on springs.

    Compression test on concrete cubes and cylinders.

    Bending test on RCC beams.

    Hardness tests on metals.

    Shear test on steel rods.

Major Equipments

    Hot Air Ovens-Thermostatic and Electrically operated.

    Lab Concrete Mixer.

    Compaction Factor apparatus.

    Flow Table.

    Slump Test Apparatus.

    Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine.


    Longitudinal Compressometers.

    Vicat apparatus with needle.

    Vee-Bee Consistometer.

    Air Permeability Apparatus.

    Moulds-Cube Moulds,Beam Moulds,Cylindrical Moulds.

    Hydraulic Jack.

Experiments Conducted

    Tests to determine properties of cement.

    Tests on coarse and fine aggregates.

    Tests to determine work-ability of concrete.

    Tests on bricks.

    Tests on roofing and flooring tiles.

    Tests on timber beams.

    Test on Self Compacting Concrete.

    Test on hardened properties of concrete.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Tests on cement.

    Tests on coarse and fine aggregates.

    Tests on bricks.

    Tests on roofing and flooring tiles.

    Concrete Mix design.

Major Equipments

    Total Stations.


    Vernier Theodolites.

    Dumpy Level.

    Auto Level.

    Subtense Bar.

    Prismatic Compass.

    Plane Table.

Experiments Conducted

    Chain surveying – Traversing and plotting using chain.

    Compass surveying – Traversing and plotting using chain and prismatic compass.

    Plane table surveying – Radiation and intersection methods, solving three point problem, solving two point problem and traversing.

    Levelling – Fly levelling, check levelling, longitudinal and cross sectioning, contour surveying.

    Theodolite surveying – Horizontal angle (repetition and reiteration), computation of heights and distances by single plane method and double plane method, computation of heights and distances by using subtense bar.

    Tacheometric surveying - Determination of tacheometric constants, computation of heights and distances by stadia tacheometry and tangential tacheometry.

    Setting out of simple curves – Linear and angular methods.

    Total station – Demonstration to setup and operate a total station.

    Permanent adjustments of theodolite – Demonstration.

Major Equipments

    Motorized Sieve Shaker and Sieve sets for grain size distribution.

    Sedimentation test apparatus including stirrer facility – Hydrometers and Pipette.

    Liquid limit devices and shrinkage limit apparatus.

    Relative density apparatus and density bottles.

    Field density kit and sand pouring cylinders.

    Permeability test apparatus.

    Consolidation test apparatus and consolidometers.

    Direct shear apparatus.

    Triaxial testing machine.

    Unconfined compression apparatus.

    Vane shear test apparatus.

    CBR test apparatus.

Experiments Conducted

    Specific gravity of coarse and fine grained soils.

    Field Density by (a) Sand replacement and (b) Core cutter methods.

    Grain Size Distribution: Sieve and Pipette/hydrometer Analysis.

    Determination of Atterberg’s limits: Liquid, Plastic and Shrinkage Limits.

    Permeability Test – (a) Constant Head and b) Variable Head Methods.

    Proctor Compaction Test- (a) Light and (b) heavy compaction tests.

    California Bearing Ratio Test.

    Direct Shear Test.

    Triaxial compression Test.

    Unconfined Compression Test.

    Consolidation Test.

    Laboratory Vane shear Test.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Soil testing for determination of basic and shear strength properties.

Major Equipments

    Compression Testing Machine.

    Video Camera & Recorders.

    Impact Testing Machine.

    Marshall Stability Test.

    Automatic Compactor.

    Motorized Sieve Shaker and Sieve sets for grain size distribution.

    CBR test apparatus.

    Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine.


    Bitumen mixer.

    Softening Point Apparatus.

    Ductility Testing Machine.

    Flash and Fire point Apparatus.

    Indirect tensile strength Apparatus.

Experiments Conducted

    Aggregate Crushing Value Test.

    Los Angeles Abrasion Value Test.

    Aggregate Impact Value Test.

    Aggregate Shape Test & Angularity Number Test.

    Specific Gravity of Aggregate.

    Softening Point Test.

    Specific Gravity of Bitumen.

    Flash and fire Point of Bitumen.

    Ductility Test.

    Marshall Stability Test.

    Indirect Tensile Test.

    CBR Test.

    Sieve Analysis of Coarse & Fine Aggregates.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Soil testing for determining the thickness of Pavement.

    Determination of Optimum Binder Content in the Bituminous Mix.

    Determination of Various properties of Road Construction Materials.

Major Equipments

    Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester.

    Schmidt Concrete Test Rebound Hammer.

    Digital Thermometer.

    Digital Anaemometer.

    Digital Lux Meter.

    Digital Hygrometer.

Experiments Conducted

    Test to determine quality of concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester.

    Test to determine strength of concrete using Rebound hammer.

    Test to determine the intensity of light using Lux Meter.

    Experiment to plot temperature contour using thermometer.

    Experiment to plot air movement contours using anemometer.

    Experiment to plot humidity contours using hygrometer.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Determination of strength of concrete in structures using Rebound hammer.

    Determination of quality of concrete in structures using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester.

Major Equipments

    Loading frames 100T capacity.

    Load Cells and Load Indicator, 10 channels.

    Digital Strain Indicator (Data logger), 10 channels.

    Digital Strain Indicator (Data logger), 3 channels.

    Digital Displacement Indicators and Sensors.

    Proving Rings.

    LVDT and Demec gauges.

    Prestressing Jacks.

    Steam curing chamber.

Experiments Conducted

    Load tests on large scale RCC structural elements like beams, slabs, columns and frames.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Load test on structures at the site, calibration of Pressure gauges and testing machines.

Major Equipments

    Vertical flow –Time of Emptying Experiment.

    Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.

    Francis Turbine Test Rig.

    Kaplan TurbineTest Rig.

    Calibration Test Rig For Venturimeter & Orifice Meter.

    Flow Through Orifice & Mouth Piece Apparatus.

    Impact of Jet.

    Water meter test set up.

    Reynolds Apparatus.

    Cut Section of pump.

    Jet Pump Test Rig.

    Gear pump test rig.

    Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.

    Pelton Turbine Test Rig.

    Hydraulic Ram Test rig.

    Pipe Friction Apparatus.

    Flow Through Notch Aparatus.

    Open channel flow apparatus.

    Hydraulic Jump Apparatus.

    Piezo meter.

    Digital Tacheometer.

Experiments Conducted

    Determining time of emptying of tank.

    Impact of Jet on vanes.

    Major losses in pipes.

    Verification of Bernoulli's theorem.

    Calibration of venturimeter and orifice metre.

    Calibration of triangular and rectangular notches.

    Calibration of water meter.

    Determination of hydraulic coefficients of orifice.

    Performance test on Kaplan turbine.

    Performance test on Francis turbine.

    Performance test on pelton wheel.

    Performance test on centrifugal pump.

    Performance test on jet pump.

    Performance test on gear oil pump.

    Determination of efficiency of hydraulic Ram.

    Analysis of hydraulic pump.

    Determination of type of flow using Reynolds apparatus.

    Determination of flow parameters of open channel flow.

    Performance test on reciprocating pump.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Calibration of water meter.

Major Equipments

    UV- Visible spectrophotometer.

    Turbidity meter.

    Bench top meters for pH, DO.

    High precision balances.

    Distillation apparatus.



    Laminar air flow chamber.

Experiments Conducted

    Determination of solids (total, dissolved, and suspended) in water.

    Determination of optimum coagulant dose.

    Determination of alkalinity and pH of water.

    Determination of hardness and chlorides in water.

    Determination of sulphides in water.

    Determination of D.O in water.

    Determination of acidity in water.

Testing /Consultancy Services for External Agencies

    Water quality analysis for various purposes.

Hardware Facility

    Desktop PC - 25 Nos.

Software Facility


    AutoCAD 2017.

"Quality is never an accident; its always the result of intelligent effort"

Federation of Revolutionary Civil Engineers (FORCE) - the Association of Civil Engineering fraternity at College of Engineering Pathanapuram, was established with an objective to proliferate engineering knowledge above academics and aimed at contributing potential civil engineers to the society. The FORCE was founded in 2015 to function as a platform for technical skill development of the budding civil engineers.

We expose Civil Engineers of tomorrow to the vibrant paradigm of civil engineering by providing the much-needed practical exposure to the members through activities like technical seminars, competitions, tutorial sessions on recent advancements in technological advancements, talks on ongoing research practices throughout the globe and many other related topics from distinguished practitioners of the trade. Nonetheless, to give our students some practical insight into Civil Engineering, we organize several visits throughout the year to ongoing construction sites and industries to enhance their knowledge by interacting with key personnel of the industries. As the name suggests we aim at revolutionizing the perspective and mindset of budding civil engineers to address the industrial issues and equip themselves as contributing quality engineering solutions to fulfill the needs of the society.

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