The department of applied science and humanities was established and functioning from the beginning of the institution to give support to all engineering departments. The department is multi-disciplinary in nature and consists of experienced faculties of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Management etc. The department maintains Laboratories of Physics and Chemistry. A language lab is established and maintained by the department to enhance the communication skills of the students...

Alish Viji Varghese

Assistant Professor in Mathematics

Anamika L

Assistant Professor in Physics(Adhoc)

Mumthas Musthafa

Assistant professor in Chemistry(Adhoc)

Anitha B

Assistant Professor in Physics(Adhoc)

Sajini V

Lab Assistant(Physics)

Jinu Philip

Lab Assistant(Chemistry)

This Lab is designed to impart practical knowledge about some of the phenomena they have studied in the Engineering Physics course and to develop the experimental skills of the students .

List of Experiments

    Study of application of CRO for Frequency and Amplitude Measurement.Lissajeous figures.

    Meldes String apparatus.Measurement of frequency in transverse & longitudinal mode.

    Measurement of strain using strain gauge and Wheatstones bridge.

    To measure Planck's Constant using photo electric cell.

    Measurement of wavelength of laser using grating.

    To standardize the grating using the green line of mercury spectrum and hence to find the wave length of other prominent lines by normal incidence method.

The Student will be able to apply and demonstrate the theoretical concepts of Engineering Chemistry.

List of Experiments

    Estimation of Total Hardness-EDTA Method.

    Estimation of Iron in Iron ore.

    Estimation of Copper in brass.

    Estimation of dissolved oxygen by Winklers Method.

    Estimation of Chloride in water.

    Preparation of Urea formal dehyde and Phenol-formaldehyde resin.

    Calibration of pH meter and dteremination of pH of a solution.

The Language Laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process.It is mainly for enhancing the four skills of English language accurately.It is designed for teaching English language skillfully and comprehensively

ECLIPSE , the ECE Association was formed in 2014, with the aim of promoting the interests of students in various technical areas pertaining to electronic engineering. The main aim of the association is to learn and know beyond the curriculum. In pursuit of this aim, we have planned numerous activities as part of our association. The Association has conducted exhibitions, seminars and workshops on current and trending topics. The association has been highly successful in bringing together young potentials to come up with their ideas and has been provided as a garden for their nourishment. We provide ample programs and activities with the aim of injecting the real purpose of engineering and to promote the interaction between academia and industry. It provides a platform for interaction between faculty and the students and especially the seniors and the juniors of the department. ECLIPSE is a trusted voice of engineering, computing and technological information. We inspire a greater number of young generations, the real purpose of engineering.