The goal of Mechanical Engineering department is to enable students for their entry into the Mechanical Engineering profession, and is designed to meet a carefully planned set of educational objectives. We strive to prepare our students for an incomparable employability in the area of Mechanical Engineering.

Offers undergraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering from the academic year 2017-18. The course is offered for 60 students per year. The course aims to equip students to achieve personal and professional goals through self-motivation by realizing their engineering potential. The experimental hands in lecturing and potential sessions are backbone of the course.

Of many engineering disciplines, Mechanical Engineering is the broadest, encompassing a wide variety of engineering fields and many specialties. Although it is commonly assumed that Mechanical Engineers are automotive engineers and Manufacturing Engineers in fact, Mechanical Engineers are employed at enormous range of technical areas including: Acoustics, Air-conditioning, Automatic controls, Engineering Design, Computer-aided Design, Energy Management, Fluid Dynamics, Tribology, Robotics, Bio-mechanics, and Turbo-machinery, Nanotechnology and Mechatronics etc. Mechanical Engineering is a challenging, rewarding, and highly respected profession.

Vision & Mission

    To prepare students for successful career in Engineering.

    To foster research in identified areas of Engineering and Technology.

    To develop linkages with leading Institutions/Research Organizations/Industries. Department of Mechanical Engineering is established from the inception of this college and remains as the biggest in terms of student intake.



Ron P Mathew


Cibin George Mathews




Practices of engineering works like fitting, carpentry, foundry, forging, welding, sheet metal work are provided here. It also provides the in-house experience of basic mechanical instruments and activities.

List of Experiments





    Sheet Metal.


CAD lab is well equipped with 40 desktops of good hardware configuration duly networked with a license server. The software available includes Auto CAD Inventor, Pro-E and ANSYS. This lab is used primarily for the training in the modeling and analysis of mechanical devices. This lab is also extensively used for final year UG projects.

List of Software




Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines laboratory consists of experimental setups for the performance testing of different hydraulic machines. The lab also has facility for the evaluation of different flow parameters. Different plumbing tools are also available for demonstration.

List of Experiments

    Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of notches.

    Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of orifices.

    Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of venturimeter.

    Determination of Chezy’s constant and Darcy’s coefficient on pipe friction apparatus.

    Determination of metacentric height and radius of gyration of floating bodies.

    Performance on positive displacement pumps.

    Performance test on centrifugal pumps.

    Performance test on gear pump.

    Performance test on impulse turbine.

    Speed variation test on impulse turbine.

This lab aims to make the students familiar with mechanical properties of materials. The lab is well equipped with UTM, Compression testing machines, torsion testing machine, hardness testing machine, spring testing machine, torsion pendulum, flywheel and impact testing machine.

The lab also includes sophisticated test rig for the performance evaluation of different fuels. The lab also has facility for fuel property testers. The lab also consists of experimental setups to determine different heat transfer parameters.

The objective of this lab is to provide in depth knowledge of practical aspects of both AC and DC machines. This lab is also equipped with the state of the art measurement systems.