In our college a continuing education cell is established in order to facilitate the students to acquire additional skills as well as to enhance their knowledge in specified areas. As of now the cell has initiated some learning opportunities to the students apart from regular academics. The first and foremost thing towards this is establishment of NPTEL local chapter in our campus in association with IIT madras. Students are able to access all NPTEL study materials both web and video free of cost from our institute. Total size of all the materials is around 6TB.The materials include almost all courses in any engineering stream as well as some humanities courses.

    NPTEL online courses are another opportunity to the students for getting IIT certification which is very well accepted by the industries within and outside our country. As our campus is local chapter, NPTEL gave scholarship to our 129 students out of 157 for writing the examinations of online courses

Benefits to students through NPTEL Online Courses (NOC)

    Learn from the experts.

    Flexibility to learn one’s own pace.

    Get Certificates based on one’s performance (Participation, Successfully Completed, Elite, Elite+Gold ).

    Have access to 900+ courses of NPTEL, view, download and copy.

    Use college infrastructure for course access.

    Get Certificates from the IITs.

    Get information about upcoming courses.

    Be motivated by fellow students, group work.

    Be eligible for scholarship and avail DD payment.

NPTEL Coordinator                  :
     Biji S (Assistant Professor, CE)
Phone                                       :
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