Parent-Teacher Association

Parent-Teacher Association is a forum of parents of all the students of the college and the teaching faculty. It is a common forum for interacting faculty with the parents, so as to improve the academic excellence. It provides essential services to faculties and students.

PTA Activities...

    Meets the expense for counseling doctor.

    Running and maintenance of College buses.

    Provide financial assistance for Organic Farming project of NSS.

    Meets the expenses for Canteen maintenance.

    Provide financial assistance for organizing camp of NSS.

    Meets the Medical expenses of students.

    Provide financial assistance to setup ISTE institutional chapter.

    Meets the expense of Alumni meeting.

    Provide financial assistance to setup college store.

    Reward the students for academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

    Meets the expense towards sending the student’s progress report to parents.

    Provide financial assistance for water cooler for various department blocks.

Executive Members (2017-18).
    President Prof. Dr. Ananda Resmi S


    Vice-President Sri. K Vasudevan 9446784916
    Secretary Mr. Prasanth R

    HOD, Computer Science & Engineering

    Members Mr.Pratap Singh P

    Administrative Officer

    Smt. Sreelatha Prakash 9388207828
    Smt. Sanita K G 9633248439
    Sri. AjithKumar 9495106254
    Sri. Suku 9947328455
    Sri. RadhaKrishna Kurup 9495697854
    Sri. Sanal Mohanlal 9995401222
    Smt. Sajeena Jalal 9996980828
    Sri. Habeebulla 9446021175
    Sri. D. Vijayakumar 9495472842
    Sri. Suresh Babu 9744281012
    Adv. Sajan Koshy 9446797646
    Sri. Mohanan B 9447363557
    Sri. Mohachan 9717177366
    Mr. Shahas S

    HOD, Civil Engineering

    Smt. Navitha K Krishnan

    HOD, Electronics & Communication Engineering

    Dr. Mohanalin Rajarathnam

    HOD, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    Mr. Vivek Raju

    HOD, Mechanical Engineering

    Mr. Alish Viji Varghese

    HOD,Applied Science & Humanities

    Mr. Jain K Mathew

    Tradesman, Computer Science & Engineering